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In kindergarten Anna became an integration experiment for twelve years before graduation. As a child Anna had asthma and allergies often landing unconscious in the hospital in an oxygen lung.

"Before yoga I didn't like my body because it didn't work right. I was my own time bomb. If I ate or breathed the wrong thing I became covered with allergic bumps or stress bumps or simply passed out and went back to the hospital. I spent a lot of time looking at skeletons, thinking about breathing and wondering if I was going to die.

At camp I was with the special needs kids: the one limping girl with polio and the cloudy eye, and the twitchy girl with epilepsy. I was the wheezing one. But we might as well have been the untouchables. As I grew up my allergies and asthma abated, except when I was stressed. And having been an anxious child, I grew into an anxious adult, who even sought out situations where I could continue being anxious, because that was what I knew before Kripalu. When I went to Kripalu for my Yoga Teacher Certification which I received in 2003 my intention was simply to deepen my own yoga practice.

But one day towards the end of the training I had a life changing, and mind blowing experience on my yoga mat. I retrieved a lost memory. I remembered one of the worst asthma attacks of my life. But now, for the first time in my life I realized, felt, and knew that now I could breath. Hallelujah! I finally felt that I had enough air to breath, and that I would always have enough air to breath! That experience was so powerful that then and there I decided that I had to share it, and so at that moment I became a yoga teacher.

I approach life as a teaching responsibility and a calling. I support students in opening up to joy and strength in their bodies and spirits. I have focussed on teaching yoga to diverse individuals and groups, often addressing a number of health disparities including but not limited to anxiety, cancer, recent surgery, sciatica, back pain, pregnancy, leukemia, obesity, and chronic illnesses in a gentle and inspirational way. I really love life, live it to the fullest and want to share my joy with people. I call my way of teaching BodyLove Yoga.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

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Making Self Space

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