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A long time ago alone in my room I made books by placing sheets together, folding them in half and stapling them together. Theses had rudimentary drawings and words. Content forgotten.

Early Writing Career
I wrote one short story for school literary magazine entitled "Reconciliation" Kept diaries for years and years followed by fleshing out the ideas for current work

Established Writer and Creator
Though I've been writing for years in 2015 I moved to North Carolina to be close to family and began writing full time. The books I'm working on My books are about connection, loosing and finding, arriving, entering family, endings and beginnings, longing, suffering and joy which are what is often going on in my life as I write. I think I have a gift for poetic description and I struggle with linearity. I hope to encourage others by my story, a ten book series, Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative about my amazing journey to authenticity and finding my voice.

Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative, Book 1
I Came for the Transcendentalists, Book 2
Utopia Get Out, Book 3
Providence Exchange, Book 4
Brass Ring Frying Pan, Book, 5
Primitive Rites of Caucasian Cannibals, Book 6
Black Woman in a Basement, Book 7
Holy Subtext, Book 8
Paradise Lies Beneath the Feet of the Mother, Book 9
Internal Reparations, Book 10
More About Me

I Believe:
everything is connected; that life is the highest art; awe, presence and love reside in the present moment; every breath is a gift and miracle, and that when we look into each other’s eyes we see ourselves. Most of the time I live in that place where we are all connected in the awe-full presence of now. I tell myself to be kind to myself and that my consciousness matters for our mutual good. I live with animals, two dogs (Thunder & Thor) and two cats (Viola & Sebastian). Since mid life I have always lived with animals, and sometimes people. R.I.P. Lotus, Ozzie & Harriet, Mushi & Sushi, Bazooka & Bubblegum, Ramief, Dakota Best Dog

Favorite Colors: poppy, lime green, cobalt

Favorite Flower: peony

Interests: Volcanos, Tigers

My Stripper Name is combination of my favorite salad dressing and the thing about me that most disappointed my parents: Sesame Soy Ginger Extravagance. If I could choose a career besides writing (irrespective of schooling requirements and/or talent) I'd be a comedian.

structure beneath Sierra Negra volcano

Power Portal Healing Soul Sanctuary South

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