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I hope to encourage others by my story, a ten book series,
Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative about my amazing journey to authenticity. I share how I embraced vocations for social change, and found my voice. I moved to North Carolina, to be near family and write full time in 2015.

Pets: two dogs and two cats.

I Believe:
everything is connected; that life is the highest art; awe, presence and love reside in the present moment; every breath is a gift and miracle.

I live in that place where we are all connected in the awe-full presence of now.

Be kind to yourself in this moment because your consciousness matters for our mutual good. ~ Anna Dunwell

When we look into each other’s eyes we see ourselves, that is the truth. ~ Anna Dunwell

Favorite Colors: poppy, lime green, cobalt

Favorite Flower: peony

Interests: Volcanos, Tigers

structure beneath Sierra Negra volcano

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