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About Me

Anna Dunwell is the author of Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative by a Traveling and Dancing Yogini. "My story is about how I rejected internal slavery, embraced freedom and let joy fill me. It's been an amazing journey: I used to think that if I couldn’t dance I didn’t want to live. Then I thought if I can’t do yoga I don’t want to live. And then I thought if I can’t write I don’t want to live. And then I thought I just want to live, write and share how I found my voice by living my authentic life. And if I can, you can too. I was a recipient of a Grant in Aid to Artists for Writing (1975), Money for Women Fund (1982), and Line Inc. Grant for Writing (1983). I majored in American and English Literature at Hunter College, and received a Master of Fine Arts degree and a Massachusetts Teaching Credential from Boston University.

Along the way I learned about vocations for social change and have embraced that in many parts of my life. I'm a Kripalu trained Yoga
Teacher and hold a Faculty Appointment as a Clinical Yoga Instructor of Family Medicine from Boston University Medical School. I've taught yoga, meditation and writing workshops in my yoga studio Soul Sanctuary when I lived in Massachusetts, and also taught at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and other medical, and community health centers, libraries, prisons, churches, schools and colleges, women and children's shelters, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health's Women of Color Yoga Retreats and Wellness Programs for the Black Women's Health Initiative.

I moved to North Carolina in 2015 to be near family and to write full time. I live with Ernesto a mixed Maine Coon and Norweigian Forest cat; two Yorkies, Thunder and Thor; and Sebastian and Viola, two sibling rescue cats.

I've been a student of the arcane, eclectic, and alternative forever. My favorite colors are poppy, lime green and cobalt blue. The sky is my favorite visual. My bumper sticker said "Stay Humble" until the rain washed it away.

My friends, no surprise say nice things about me. They call me a force of nature, a Renaissance woman. And my enemies don’t call me. I bring a charismatic warmth, wisdom, humor, and articulate intelligence to my writing and my life. People describe me as “really funny”, “magnificent”, “heart warming”, “professional”, “touching”, “committed”, “generous” , gentle”, “compassionate”, gentle”, and a “weaver of words”. I wrote and endorse this message."

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