Joy Navigation

Dear Women, Especially Dear Black Women,

Imagine my surprise when I allowed myself to accept the enormity of navigating a system rigged against me every day of my life!

The poet Langston Hughes said his mother told him
"Life for me ain't been no crystal stair…" But with all its challenges life for me has been a miracle because I've learned how to let joy fill me, and that is the message of my life's work for the under and misrepresented in the world including abused women and children, international torture and cancer survivors, and those with chronic diseases including chronic low back pain and in my writing, Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative.

I believe that life provides inspiration for us to emulate. One example is the blue torch cactus which is native to semitropical areas of Brazil.


It stores all it needs inside itself, blooms at night and is pollinated by bats and sphinx moths, just as we are sometimes inspired to prosper from unlikely sources and experiences.

I offer Joy Navigation, encourage authenticity and new roadmaps to yourself. You tell you what to embrace or change. I just share decades of resilience that have led to living in joy in Soul Sanctuary South established inside my body where I currently flourish
as a black woman.

"I thank you so much for our meeting yesterday. 
I value your beautiful spirit and
what you poured into me personally."
~ Durham NC, 10/19/2017

You have all you need within you. What I can do is to show you things on the path that you may have missed, show you how to navigate them when you get there, based on my own extensive experience of been there, done that, survived and flourished.

Joy Navigation involves

Approach: I have shared what others call my "healing and radiant energy" since 1998 through Body Love Yoga that is guided by spirit and breath.
Credentials: Life Experience*, Anna Dunwell, MFA, RYT 200, Registered Kripalu Yoga teacher currently pursuing her 500-hour certification
My Work in the World

Contact me now for particulars. Later we can

* Life Experience
Accomplishing Something I Didn’t Think I could (c.30)
Adenoids Removal
Adopting Baby (1)
A Few Growth Full Affairs
Appendix Removal
Asthma (lifelong)
Bad Credit (c. 6 years)
Bankruptcy (0)
Body Part Removal (6 parts)
Bringing Family Together (once)
Caregiving for Aged Parent with Alzheimers in my home (10 years)
Caregiving for Aged Parent and Supporting Other Parent in another state (11 years)
Changes in Recreational, Social or Religious Activities (c 30 times)
Death of Close Friends (c. 30 people)
Death of Parents (2)
Death Threats (1)
Discrimination (lifelong)
Dismissal from Work by Work Attrition (3)
Divorces (3 - 1/10 year legal battle)
Driving (40 years)
Colonoscopy (lots of them always unpleasant and exhausting)
Fabulous Family Experiences Overall with Family and Grand Children (Going on 5th Year)
Enjoying Family Vacation (c.4 times)
Falling in Love (4)
Gaining and Loosing Step Son (1)
Getting Engaged (3 times, never fun)
Getting Married (3 times, fun once)
Giving Birth (0)
Giving to Others (Decades)
Graduations (4)
Home Burglary (1)
Home Purchases (3)
Home Sale (2)
Hospital & Doctor Visits (Unusually high #)
In law Family Trouble (2 instances)
Legal Court Cases ( 10- 1/2 years)
Line of Work Changes (10 or more times)
Lipoma Removal (1)
Many Many Great Meals
Marital Divorce (3)
Marital Emotional Abuse ( c 5 years)
Marital Physical and Emotional Abuse (c 6 times)
Marriages (3 - 45 years)
Moving (c 20 times)
Other Real Estate Purchases (3)
One Loving Companion Relationship (3 excellent years; 4 normal)
Parental and Family physical, emotional abuse and betrayal
Partner Infidelity
Personal Injury ( c 5 instances)
Pets (13)
Physical Assaults by strangers (c12 people)
Racism (lifelong)
Respiratory disease (lifelong)
Retirement (1)
School Beginning and Ending (c 10 times)
School Fight (1- I punched someone)
Solitary Time (more than usual)
Spontaneous Living (Decades)
STDs and Venereal Diseases (none ever)
Supporting Unemployed Spouse ( c 2 years)
Tonsils Removal
Uterus Removal
Visiting World Landmark (44)
Wonderful Child Rearing Experiences + 3 Challenging Ones
Witnessing Historical Turning Points (Numerous)
Writing a book Primitive Rites of Caucasian Cannibals