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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION "Can I pay just for the number of days I want to be there?"
ANSWER No, the rent is not prorated by number of days, you pay for all months that you are in residence. It is your choice the number of days per month that you choose to inhabit the rental ex. some professors rent for 5 months, but are gone for out of town conferences. They still pay for five months.

QUESTION "Can I rent month to month?"
ANSWER No. You sign a standard North Carolina lease agreement which can be for a few months or a year; however the rent is higher for shorter stays.

QUESTION "I don't want to sign a lease agreement, can I still rent?".
ANSWER Yes, Check the listings on Sabattical Homes or airbnb for availability: Condo with 2 Beds ~ Condo with 1 Bed

QUESTION "How do I pay?"
ANSWER If on airbnb, by credit card. If directly to owner after signing lease agreement and paying United States Postal Money Orders or check preferably drawn on North Carolina or other United States banks.

QUESTION "Is there a security deposit?"
ANSWER Yes, which must be paid and cleared before occupancy. Upon occupancy first month's rent must be paid to obtain the keys. The refundable security deposit is returned by US check to tenant’s permanent address. NOTE No international bank deposits will be made as there is a $43 charge for that service and requires a trip to the bank to sign forms.

QUESTION "What is on a residential loan agreement?"
ANSWER The terms of the lease, the payment amounts and your contact information and where you want your security deposit returned, as well as your vehicle license plate number, color and make of car if you are using one, and an emergency contact if you have one.