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Yoga for Trauma Survivors

BodyLove®Yoga for Trauma Survivors
Taught by Registered and Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor Anna Dunwell
This work involves exploring the positive intersection of experienced trauma and yoga. Your history informs how you breath, and what places of pleasure have been shut down. In working together we will find safe spaces for you to experience your body mind and spirit in a new way, creating space for new experiences and perspectives. Experienced improved coping skills as we cultivate your body as a resource of self healing. Allow yourself the opportunity to come together for yogic grief support, to be acknowledged and witnessed in your journey to connection and wholeness. This is a time to mend and soothe the body, spirit and soul with meditation, yoga, talk and tea to promote energetic releases in the rental, physical and emotional body to bring you back into balance.

"the challenge to cough up some new indiginous skills suitable to modern days needs for healing as a result of isolation of the mind, body and spirit from Mother Nature resulting in a lack of sense of belong."
~ Elder Malidoma

grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-2Until book publication only individual private sessions available.

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