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Black Is The Body

Followed by the words "Author Emily Bernard On Surviving a Mass Stabbing, Race and her Interracial Marriage in a People magazine article published only 8 hours ago. I was immediately drawn because I've survived a kick beating and mugging by five men, and race has figured large in my life because of my attendance for twelve years at a Quaker Prep School with only four Negros in it, and I'd been in two interracial marriages, one to a WASP and the other to a Jew.

Her story began when a stranger stabbed her and six other customers for no obvious reason. And the title of the book she wrote is entitled:

Black is the Body

Then struck by the fact that this was exactly the kind of book that I'd been searching for - a book similar to mine, in the same genre, which would allow me to see who her literary agent was so I could send them a query letter. I almost cried with joy because though I'd been searching for a long time none were more relevant than hers fo my scrutiny to see about how to continue with my task of preparing and wrapping up my work for market. Suddenly, though it was 10:22 pm I felt energized and hopeful for my book: Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative. And, long story short decided to add her agent's name to the list of agents to contact, and look everyone up who she mentioned in her acknowledgements on twitter and follow them. 11:05 pm. Time to go to bed.