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Jane Friedman provides essential resources for new writers and experienced authors. She has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in business strategy for authors and publishers with a 360-degree view of the changes now shaping writing and publishing.
Jane Friedman

“A comprehensive and eminently readable guide that should be on every writer’s desk.
... Destined to become a staple reference book for writers and those interested in publishing careers.” ~ Publishers Weekly

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Paradise Lies: A Modern Slave Narrative

grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Alert the Paparazzi Book 1
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2I Came for the Transcendentalists Book 2
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Running Towards Utopia Book 3
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Running from Utopia To Providence Book 4
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2The Brass Ring & The Frying Pan Book 5
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Primitive Rites of Caucasian Cannibals Book 6
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Black Woman in a Basement Book 7
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Holy Subtext Book 8
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Paradise Lies Beneath the Feet of the Mother Book 9
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-3-2Internal Reparations Book 10

"You remind me of a Sufi, a whirling dervish of energy. You’re the resource that is unending energy. You provide it to others and live it for yourself. " ~ Val King

"You're a terrific writer, and your life story is remarkable…I like, and admire, your writing. I've seen some of these themes written about before, many times - but hardly ever so clearly and with such insight." ~ Andrew Szanton, Writer

"I thank you so much for our meeting yesterday.  I value your beautiful spirit and what you poured into me personally." ~ Business Counselor, Durham NC, 10/19/2017

"Wow! I couldn't stop reading!…obviously the writing is good for that to happen! ~ Helaine Golan, Yoga Teacher & Writer

"I greatly appreciate your sharing that chapter!!! It gives me another snippet of insight into you and I am grateful for that!! It also makes me want to read more!!! ~ New Friend, Chapel Hill, NC 2/2018

"Anna is a really nice person." ~ I wrote this one


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