Anna Dunwell

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Anna Dunwell is a writer living in Durham, North Carolina.


"You remind me of a Sufi, a whirling dervish of energy. You’re the resource that is unending energy. You provide it to others and live it for yourself. " ~ Val King

"You're a terrific writer, and our life story is remarkable…I like, and admire, your writing. I've seen some of these themes written about before, many times - but hardly ever so clearly and with such insight." ~ Andrew Szanton, Writer

"I thank you so much for our meeting yesterday.  I value your beautiful spirit and what you poured into me personally." ~ Business Counselor, Durham NC, 10/19/2017

"Wow! I couldn't stop reading!…obviously the writing is good for that to happen! ~ Helaine Golan, Yoga Teacher & Writer

"I greatly appreciate your sharing that chapter!!! It gives me another snippet of insight into you and I am grateful for that!! It also makes me want to read more!!! ~ New Friend, Chapel Hill, NC 2/2018

"Anna is a really nice person." ~ I wrote this one