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Hello Stranger,

If you've landed here you already know how to fill yourself and others with
joy, or you may just be curious about me. What follows are ways for you to join a small group of writers with whom to share your work in Durham NC, and/or to learn more about my writing process.

I'm a writer living in Durham, North Carolina and working on a
ten book memoir series about my life and six generations of my family in relationship to the historical events of our times.

With some difficulty I've begun a tenuous commitment to regular posts about my writing process which I call
Sacred Finger Taps Down the Hill of Secrets to Print from Poppy Colored Brain Writer and to finding some regular writing companions to share with in my writer's life. And posting to others about the day to day of my writer's life.

So whether or not you want to begin a relationship with me, and let me know something about what's up with you
please contact me I will respond. If you're interested in my writer's day to day check out my writer's page on facebook, or check out The Writer's Room if you'd like to get together with real life writers like yourself.

Heart Hugs,

Anna Dunwell

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